IBM System x (x Series) Servers 

IBM Tower Servers
The IBM System x Tower Servers offer enhanced features and performance to help you take on the dynamic challenges of running IT with an emphasis on security, simplicity, efficiency and reliability—delivered at the right price in a single or double-socket tower server. 

IBM x Series Tower Server models x3500 M2, x3500 M3, x3400 M3, x3400 M2, x3200 M3.

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 IBM Rack-Mount Servers

With a dense, energy-smart design for exceptional cost-effective application computing, the IBM System x Rack Mount Servers deliver up to 128 GB of DDR-3 memory and up to 3.0 TB of internal hot- swap storage (SAS or SATA). It also provides high memory throughput and robust processing for effective response times at peak volumes.

Processors ranging from the Intel® Xeon® to the Intel® Xeon® 5600 series

IBM x Series Rack-Mount Servers models x3250 M3, x3350 M3, x3550 M2, x3620 M3, x3630 M3, x3650 M3, x3650T, x3755 M3

Available in 1U and 2U rack heights.

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IBM BladeCenter Server Products

IBM offers a wide choice of compatible chassis, blade servers, networking and storage offerings.

BladeCenter chassis include Five choices, including chassis for data centers, stores or remote sites and non-traditional environments, so you can easily tailor a solution to meet your needs—just pick the right fit.

  • BladeCenter S chassis
  • BladeCenter H chassis
  • BladeCenter E chassis
  • BladeCenter T chassis
  • BladeCenter HT chassis

Achoice of blade servers including those with Intel® Xeon®, AMD Opteron™, IBM POWER6™, PowerXCell™ and Cell/B.E.™ processors allow you to run diverse workloads within one architecture. x86 blade serversPOWER processor-based blade serversCell Broadband Engine processor-based blade servers. BladeCenter Open Fabric, An integrated server I/O portfolio based on open technology provides a comprehensive set of interconnects and smart management tools to help you run your business.

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IBM x86 enterprise servers
High-performance, scalable rack and blade servers.

IBM x86 enterprise servers represent the best of IBM X-Architecture® technology, leveraging decades of mainframe server design to deliver an open and affordable, industry-standard server platform that can help tackle your most demanding workloads.

IBM eX5 Systems

  • IBM System x3850 X5
  • IBM System x3690 X5
  • IBM Blade Center Hx5

IBM eX4 Systems

  • System x3950 M2
  • System x3850 M2

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